dijous, 28 d’octubre de 2010


"Quatre anys.

Número finit de dies amb les seves blanques nits;
eterns segons amb els seus determinants silencis.

Quatre anys.

Infinita soledat diària, absència interminable;
Memòries difuminades, olor a records de color gris.

Quatre anys."

Cada dia que passa sense que estiguis al meu costat és un infern de decadència moral, una experiència vital que m'apropa a la inexistència convertida en ritual, sentiments virtuals, desnonament de les idees preconcebudes.

Estimar-TE patint la teva no presència.

dimecres, 27 d’octubre de 2010

Analogue Camera Sprocket Rocket Shoots Photos With Exposed 35mm Sprocket Holes [Cameras]

It's got the best name in camera-land, and looks incredible too. The Lomography-brand camera takes 35mm film but exposes the photos with visible sprocket holes (see below for an example), and also features a reverse gear for moving between frames. More »

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dilluns, 20 de setembre de 2010

Leica M9 Titanium


For top-priced cameras, Leica goes hand-in-hand. The company is known for making cameras that have plenty of features and aesthetic eye-caching goodness, and the price tag generally follows suit. But with the unveiling of the M9 Titanium Limited Edition, the company has out-done themselves. Created by a team that incorporated members of Leica and Volkswagen, the Titanium limited edition camera is something to just stare at, if not actually use.

Leica M9 Titanium 540x393

The Titanium limited edition is, at its most basic level, a far more equipped M9, but that’s not stopping Leica from releasing it. For instance, the trim features leather that is usually used in Audi’s premium automobiles. Other additions to the camera include fingerprint resistant overlays, the handstrap will come in two sizes, and the frame lines will be illuminated by LEDs. And you get a fancy new holster, too, which was designed specifically for this new edition.

If you were to buy one of these limited edition cameras, you’d get the camera, 35mm Summilux F/1.4 prime lens, that new holster, and a lens hood in the box. There’s a new electronic illumination system in place, too. Unfortunately, Leica only made 500 of these, and by now there’s probably already a handful that’s been bought up. As for the pricing, that’s said to be marked at 22,000 EUR. Yes, 22,000 EUR. It will be made available some time in November,

[via Leica Rumors]

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dissabte, 18 de setembre de 2010

Broken crockery couture

Boing Boing

Li Xiaofeng is a Chinese artist who makes sculptural clothing from broken crockery. The results are lovely and apparently wearable. I don't know if they're dry-clean only or dishwasher-safe.

Li Xiaofeng (via Craft)

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divendres, 17 de setembre de 2010

And the Most Ridiculous Photochopping Award Goes To... [Photoshop]

...Al-Ahram! Egypt's state-run and largest newspaper, whose editors weren't happy to see their Big Boss—President Hosni Mubarak—in the last place of this photo at the White House. Thankfully, Photoshop made him win the race, even beating President Obama. More »

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divendres, 10 de setembre de 2010

MacBook Pro Late 2008

Now that I have my MBP with 8gb of ram, an intel ssd x25-m, a second HHD for mass storage…I only use my Ipad…or mostly… =’(

MBP= heavy work processing pics
Ipad= From Tumblr to EyeTv